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Introduction to SportsDashboards

What is SportsDashboards?

SportsDashboards is a web-based system that allows you, the Athletic Director or Registrar, to save many hours of work in the areas of player registration, player payment, player information, coach management, volunteer management, donation solicitation and email communication. Not only will you save time and effort, but players and coaches benefit just as much from their Dashboards that allow easy communication and provides up to date information.

Who will use SportsDashboards in our League?

Administrators, Coaches and Players get their own Dashboard for each season.

SportsDashboards are personalized, private web pages for administrators, coaches, and players. From your dashboard, you only see the information relevant to you. If you're a player or coach, you can update your own information, see your team roster, and easily send email to the entire team with one click. Athletic Directors can perform many more league-related tasks, such as assigning players to teams, tracking registrations and payments, and communicating all this information in an appropriate way.

No logins or passwords are required, as each person gets their own private web links to their dashboard (administrator functions have much more security).

The system is designed to be task-oriented, based on the typical needs of a youth sports program. We study and collect best practices from our client base, both to incorporate into SportsDashboards and to pass along to all our clients.

Can I download my player information into Excel?

Yes, you can download copies of your information into Excel at any time.

Do you support online payment?

Yes. Online payment is accomplished via PayPal, which is a payment company owned by eBay. SportsDashboards is organized so that we never have access to your league's funds. You set up a separate account at PayPal, which is linked to your own bank account. When a player pays their fees or makes a donation, PayPal reports to SportsDashboards information that a payment has been received and from whom. We never touch your money and do not have access to it at all, ever.

What is the main benefit for me, the League Administrator?

SportsDashboards saves you lots of time. It is easy to use.

Player, Coach and Team information is collected and managed through your own Administrator Dashboard which makes it much easier to handle registration, payment, teams, coaches, tryouts, and league communications. Since it is web based, you can do it anytime and anywhere, either from home or work. Our web based, email system is very user friendly and easy to use, resulting in lots of targeted communication to and between Administrators, Commissioners, Coaches, Parents and Players.

How much does it cost?

There are no setup costs or upfront fees. There are no additional charges for online donations made from Player SportsDashboards. You can send unlimited emails through the system during a season without additional charge.*

The price for Online Registration is $3 per player per season. The SportsDashboards Communication System is $3 per player per season. You may purchase both for $5 per player per season.

Fees are payable after registration is finished. You pay only after you've collected the money.

The fee does not include amounts payable to PayPal for credit card transactions. PayPal will deduct their fee from the credit card transaction. Our experience is that given a choice, about half of registrants pay by credit card online and the other half prefer to send in checks. Since checks have no fees, this should be factored into a total cost estimate of credit card fees. See our PayPal Help page for more details about PayPal.

*An average sized league of 300 to 500 players sends approximately 18,000 to 30,000 emails through our system during a season.

Who are you and why are you in this business?

Based in San Rafael, CA, SportsDashboards was developed by a group of software entrepreneurs and developers who also have extensive volunteer experience with their kids and who sit on the boards of Little Leagues, CYOs and other youth sports organizations. We have been the founders or co-founders of several software companies, including Broderbund Software and GlobalEnglish Corporation. We have dozens of Leagues using our system as of this writing, and are adding more every month.

Can we use our Logo and Identity?

Yes. All Dashboards and emails will use your logo and will preserve the identity of your organization. There is no advertising.

Will the Online Registration Form really work for us?

You can configure the online registration form to reflect your requirements. SportsDashboards has an online registration setup form as part of your administrator dashboard which you can change at any time.

Customizable items include:

  • Pricing
  • Volunteers
  • Online Waiver and release
  • Online Code of Conduct
  • Donations
  • Divisions
  • Grades
  • League Age
  • Uniform Sizes

We have made a study of best practices by various leagues, and have incorporated this information into SportsDashboards and its registration form.

How do my Players get to the Online Registration form?

We will provide you with a link to your online registration form to put on your website.

Also, you can send an email blast to an email recruitment list, which we will import into SportsDashboards for you.

There is a link in the recruitment email to the online registration form.

How do I remind Players to hurry up and register before the registration deadline?

You can send email reminders to your list during the registration period encouraging them to sign up. Reminder emails will only go to those parents who have not registered. You should email the list 4 to 5 times to achieve a full enrollment.

How do players get their own SportsDashboards?

When Players register, they get an email thanking them for their registration. It contains a link to their private player dashboard, and Players can save that link or the email to get back to their dashboard at any time.

Players can update or change their registration information from their player dashboard. They can also pay online from their player dashboard, or make online donations to your league.

How do I track payments?

From your Administrator Dashboard, you can see which Players have paid and which haven't.

Online credit card payments are automatically marked as paid based on information from PayPal, and when you receive checks, you can mark a player as paid very easily in your Administrator Dashboard.

You can email reminders to those who haven't paid.

If a refund is needed, it is simple within PayPal.

Can you help organize Tryouts?

You can email players by grade or division to set up tryouts. You can export a copy of your registration information to Excel to create and print tryouts forms for your evaluators and coaches to use on the field.

How do I set up Coaches and Teams?

From your Administrator Dashboard, you enter team and coach information. There is an online Coach Registration Form you can send out to gather more information and it can be combined with a Coach Agreement that you specify. From there, it is very easy to assign players to teams on the team building page by dragging and dropping players from a list into a particular team. It is easy to make changes and adjustments at any time, and when changes are made team rosters, player dashboards, coach dashboards and your own administrator dashboard are all updated instantly.

Once teams have been finalized with the coaches, you can email all your players. At the same time, you can release your team selections so they become viewable on player dashboards.

Do you have Coach training?

From their own Coach Dashboard, a Coach can mass email their team, view and print team roster information, including contact information and special medical comments. The Coach Dashboard has a movie explaining how to use it right on the dashboard.

What about Volunteers?

You can set up your own volunteer categories, and your players and parents can volunteer for any or all of these categories at time of registration. From your Administrator Dashboard you can email by volunteer category.

Also, there is an option to set up a volunteer opt-out fee on the registration form with an opt-out fee that you determine.

Do you handle Online Donations?

Yes. You can set up your online registration form so players can add a donation amount. You can determine the wording of this request.

Also, Players can make online donations from their Player Dashboard. During the season you might want to solicit donations for a particular cause or event. You can send out an email asking people to donate, and they can donate from their Player Dashboard and set the amount to donate.

Can I try SportsDashboards without making any commitments?

Yes. We will create a fully functioning SportsDashboards with sample data and your logo/identity for you to try within 1 day. It is a 30 day trial.

Please send us the URL to your website (for logo purposes), your name and email address.

Click Here for a Free Trial of SportsDashboards

Or, for more information contact info@tawala.com.


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