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A wide set of easy-to-use email and Web tools that you can put to work immediately with absolutely no technical knowledge.

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Sign-up Sheet

Gather and organize volunteers for your next project.

Poll or Survey

Create a poll with as many questions as desired

Automated List Builder

A tool to build and maintain your group's email list


Here's an easy way to organize your next potluck dinner.

Featured Solutions

Need to find a date to get a group together? Get Together creates a web form with your list of possible times and dates and handles the responses from your group. Quickly see what dates work best for everybody.

Online Exam Builder let's you create and administer an online exam of virtually any length, comprised of any combination of fill-in-the-blank and multiple choice questions. The Administration page lets you see how your respondents answered questions and includes useful summary reports.

Ever need to get a group to work together on a function like that annual retreat? With "Shared To-Do" you can create a To-Do list for any event. Members can view the list, sign up for individual tasks, and mark them as done once they've finished. Everyone can see what's been done and what may need attention.

Have a simple question that you need to ask the members of your group? With Poll or Survey you can get back a single response totaling the number of members who supported each choice. Want to see who voted which way? You can do that too, all in a matter of moments.